Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Modest is Not Hottest

So I came across this blog post/article a little bit ago, and I think it is really great. It deals with some of the modern-day issues we discuss in class. I definitely recommend reading it!

Modest is Not Hottest - Rebecca A Moore


  1. Love that she used WomenStats (a BYU project), Elder Holland, and Sociological Images all in one post. These are ideas - policing women's bodies, particularly by other women - have been around a long time. I just read an advice manual from 1731 that contained pretty much the same wrong-headed advice Rebecca points out in this post.

  2. These kinds of blog posts seem to crop up several times a year, so I guess that shows how big of an issue this is in LDS culture. I recently read a far lengthier and less thorough blog post written by a female BYU student. The student alleged that another girl had given her a note claiming that a nearby guy was looking at her cleavage and that her shirt was immodestly attracting attention. This caused the student to glare menacingly at the young man until he embarrassedly walked off. I was more entertained by the comments on the blog post that either praised the student for wearing flattering clothes and not giving in to modesty-police or blamed her for the unwanted attention. I was pleased to see several comments pointing out the fact that while both men and women are responsible for their own thoughts, modesty is an inner commitment with outward devotion. These comments seemed to echo this blog writers view that both men and women should be mindful of their influence for good while living and acting in a way worthy of temple attendance and worship. I believe that Christ’s advice to “judge not that ye be not judged” applies equally to all men and women, short skirt, shirtless or otherwise.